How do I purge this hate?

Hey! People are listening to this show! It’s only hundreds among the possible billions, but that’s still a lot. More than I expected this soon. Thanks to all of you! And thanks to Jeff Salzman of the for helping me keep a steady flow of quality content each week while WYT gets off the ground. Thank you, sir!

And not only are people listening, but some are engaging too. Last week a comment appeared under the “Bright side of the Trump Apocalypse” episode that had a lot to say and also asked a very interesting question. I pointed it out to Jeff and we agreed that it would make a good topic for the next Integral Chat. And having just listened to the show before posting, I think it did. This is a good talk. So thank you to William for your comment and your question.

You can see his full comment here. It is detailed and insightful throughout, but here is the section we will be focusing on in particular.

“I truly wish I could develop the level of unattachment that Jeff displays towards the Traditional Mind Set. As a 65 year old gay man, I have to admit I have tremendous rage towards these people. They actively seek to scapegoat gay people. They actively lobby to have gay rights and gay marriage overthrown. They actively promote GOP religious fanatics who seek to do as much harm to me and my husband of 40 years as possible. How do I purge this hate?”

That’s an excellent question. If there is a specific answer, I imagine it would differ from person to person, but often the learning is in the contemplating itself. And that’s what we’ll try to offer, contemplation through conversation. I think I learned something from contemplating this question today. So thanks again, William.

As always, the Altitudes of Development Chart will help to follow along with the conversation.

But beyond the chart, I also want to provide a little underlying context about what Integral Theory means to me specifically. In other words, “Why the Integral Chat?”

Here is a paraphrasing of what’s discussed early in this episode:

Quoting Joseph Campbell from “The Power of Myth:” “My friend Heinrich Zimmer of years ago used to say, “The best things can’t be told,” because they transcend thought. “The second best are misunderstood,” because those are the thoughts that are supposed to refer to that which can’t be thought about, and one gets stuck in the thoughts.”The third best are what we talk about.”

As one of the many people of the current generations on who seek some kind of bridge between the logic and measurability of science and mind-expansion and soul nourishment that comes with spiritual pursuits, Integral Theory offers a set of tools, really a terminology which we can use as common reference points when we talk about the ineffable, higher things. Science and rationality don’t do well with the higher things because they lack the tools to measure them. Thus all spiritual information is reduced to anecdotal information, and is therefore viewed but he scientific and rational mind as largely meaningless. Or at least more meaningless that it all seems to experiencer who is struggling to convey his anecdote of spiritual consciousness in a useful way.

If you were trying to explain to me what it’s really like to be in love with a the specific person you are in love with, you would need to step into Campbell’s “second best” things to get me close to seeing what your feeling. You may have to right a beautiful song or poem if you really want to make an impression. The tools and terms provided by Integral Theory (again, the chart is pretty potent), make it easier to have conversations that begin from higher ground, and that makes it easier to really get some where.  So.. thats why the Integral Chat.

As aways, I try for the disembodied voices in the pre-amble to set the stage for the theme of the episode. Today it’s Alan Watts from “The Myth of Myself.”





6 thoughts on “How do I purge this hate?

    1. Thank you, William, for your initial comment, and for this one too. There are many great realizations in these pages. I recommend that anyone reading these comments should open the pdf and read it. (William is a real person and there is no virus in the file :))

      some highlights for me:

      “For 5 years I have posted my anger and hate towards the citizens of the Traditional Level Reality. I have heaped scorn and loathing upon them on my safe little Facebook page. Since most of my Facebook friends share my Post-Modern viewpoint, I have received a lot of accolades and the modern equivalency of “Right On, Brother!” But what struck me today in retrospect is how powerless this anger has been upon its intended TRADITIONALIST “yahoo”. No one in the Traditional level has ever changed based on what I have written on the internet.”

      Wow. Looking back over your Facebook history like you did sounds like a devastating tool for getting over oneself. Brilliant. This is a very powerful realization and very well stated. I’ve had similar thoughts about my own behavior on comment boards. When I took a good look and saw how tightly focused I have to be to consistently receive the praise of my “tribe” and the contempt of my enemies, I began to recognize the futility. What was once exciting and important – vitally important – my God! the entire world is at stake if some ignoramus on the internet doesn’t “get it” before it’s too late! – quickly becomes boring, and just falls away. For the most part – I can still get pretty sarcastic on the internet from time to time. But what was once satisfying – the endorphin rush of putting a dummy in his place and seeing all the “likes” – now just feels foolish, sometimes cruel, and generally unsatisfying.

      Regarding your tomato throwing neighbor: “Rather amusingly, we were on vacation in Hawaii and missed the incident…” that is amusing, but it also feels like a metaphor for something good. Our attention may be the most valuable thing we have to offer and to use. This anecdote seems to be saying something about the power of what we do and do not give our attention to. Maybe?

  1. Thank you for the honor of reading my response in the PDF file. For a significant part of my life, personal growth was a primary goal as a way to transcend pain. Now that I am retired and living in my own self-created monastery, I am becoming lazy about this, or perhaps older age just gives me a sense that I can afford to relax and play with my dog (the last golden retriever I shall have due to advancing age. He is only 10 months old).

    As a change of pace, I just want to offer a subject for discussion. How does Integral theory deal with the PARANORMAL. Assuming that paranormal events are real within our physical reality, how are they accounted for within the realm of human evolution?

    I hope my credibility isn’t dashed by sharing the file below. I am coming out of the closet for the 2nd time now. I wrote this file as a codicil for my Last Will & Testament. But I realized that no one who would read it would have a clue what to do with it. Therefore, I am sharing it with a few people who may use my “testimony” as a diving board into paranormal theory. Again, how does it fit into a wider world view?

    The file is large and I apologize for that. Take from it what you will. In case I did not make it clear in the document, I do not have so-called paranormal events any more, and for this I am eternally grateful. I realize that there are researchers out there who would die to have such experiences, but for me they have often been frightening and unwanted. Perhaps if there is an intelligent source behind all of this, I have been deemed beyond my “sell by” date? Were these experiences equivalent to shock treatments to get me to go beyond flatland reality? Did I open something within me that allowed these things to happen, such as being in a constant state of anxiety and recipient of abuse? I shrug my shoulders and offer it to you.


  2. Thanks again, William. This file is full of interesting stuff. I’ll need some time to read it all, though.

    As for the paranormal: it is something I intend to bring to “What’s Your Theory?” over time for sure. I can’t speak to what Integral Theory has to say about these things. But maybe Jeff will have some thoughts on it.

  3. I have felt bad for sharing the second PDF file because I truly think it disqualifies me from being considered sane and a credible person. I have researched via books the nebulus nature of memory. These events seem dreamlike, which discredits them. But then I realized that ALL memories for me seem dreamlike. I worked with the same group of people in a logical button down computer systems environment for 15 years. Even that now seems dreamlike. I have deeply loved every dog I have had, but they all now seem dreamlike. But this nature of memory can really do a number on you if you deal with it deeply. Suddenly, you wonder if anything you remember actually happened. Did I really come from a small town in Wisconsin? I am sure I did but it all seems so dreamlike now. With that said as a caveat, I do believe these memories are real, since I wrote many of them down right after their experience.

    Now I just want to thank you for acknowledging this bizarre autobiographical information from a total stranger. I have sent this to a few futurists and theorists. NONE have bothered to respond even though all I ever asked for was some minimal feedback. One person banned me from their intellectual website. So I am resigned to just having these memories without external validation or explanation.

    I feel I have taken advantage of your shows to speak of myself. That needs to stop. If this was a sitcom show, I would be the wacky next door neighbor who pops in unannounced to move along the comedic elements of the story line. But Integral Theory doesn’t seem to have much of a sense of humor so the analogy fails.

    Thanks for the 15 minutes of fame as I leave the room. If you ever want to chat, you have my private email. It is time for someone else to carry the conversation in other directions. I just had a thought: have I been exhibited Boomeritis with my Boomer Generation focus on myself? Oh dear. Say it isn’t so!

    Good luck to your show!

    1. I don’t think you should feel bad at all, William. And I don’t think your experiences ‘disqualify’ you of anything. On the other hand, I don’t quite know what to make of them either. I have read the beginning of the document, the section on UFOs, and intend to revisit it when I can. First of all, it’s a good read. You are a good writer. But as for what to make of it… I consider myself to be an open minded skeptic, meaning I’m not averse to believing anything, but I’m also not likely to do so – “extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof” yes? In my opinion, the universe is vast enough to contain far more that we can’t see than what we do. There is no reason that things we are generally unaware of can’t occasionally encroach on our perception. My back yard, for example, is filled with life that exists in parallel. Are the ants in the dirt aware of what goes on at the level of the rose blossoms five feet over their head? If ants could think, what would they think is going on when a hummingbird comes close enough for them to perceive it? There are many accounts of encounters like the ones you detail. The problem with all of them, as far as I know, is that they are anecdotal. That doesn’t mean they aren’t true. But it doesn’t settle anything either. The truth is that I feel they could represent anything along a spectrum that goes from fiction to brushes with realities beyond our comprehension. So, like I said, I just don’t know what to make of these stories. But one thing is for sure, you are not the only person reporting them. So you are not alone.

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