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A Very Special Star Trek addition of the Integral Chat (with video!*) – wherein Jeff Salzman makes the glorious mistake of asking me to talk about Star Trek.I’m still in the midst of a move and a house-hunt in beautiful Tucson, Arizona. Much of my stuff remains in storage so my podcasting schedule has suffered a bit. To bridge the gap, It’s time to bust out the Special Star Trek Episode of the Integral Chat with Jeff Salzman of the!

In my experience, people who are interested in the same kinds of things I’m interested in often have a soft spot for Star Trek. I know I sure do. This is an exchange Jeff and I had a few months ago on a different podcast. Long story short, Jeff has never watched Star Trek before. He saw the “Integral” thinking in something I said about it, and wanted to learn more. Star Trek is clearly a story with lasting cultural impact (50 years and counting worth of TV shows, feature films, novels, comic books, and video games), but beyond the obvious… What’s it all about? Why does it mean so much to so many people?

So I assigned “City on the Edge of Forever” from the original series and “The Inner Light” from TNG as homework, then we came back and talked Star Trek for an hour. If you are a fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, or of awesome nerdy things in general, you might really enjoy this. I certainly did.

*Video below also has the full conversation.






4 thoughts on “The Star Trek Episode

  1. Hey Stephen and Jeff,

    With thanks for this “filler podcast” during the time amidst your home hunting. Two things for you here:

    Firstly, there is a great version of the original Star Trek series on YouTube, one that is a high cut above the “fan-made” stuff that one can find out there in fandom. The set design is replicated amazingly, the acting (particularly Vic Mignogna as Kirk; also the man who is the creative force behind the project) is exactly that of the 60s show, along with a few people who fans will recognize from television science fiction history (Erin Grey, Lou Ferrigno, and others; as well, Mr. Scott is played by Chris Doohan, son of the original actor James Doohan).

    What’s important in citing this project is that even as much as the show is in the 60s vibe/display, it is very much aware of itself in conveying 21st century topics for philosophical exploration. And it does these things amazingly well. I’d highly recommend each of you to check it out, especially in light of Integral. Link to the YouTube playlist is at the bottom here…

    As well, how might I need able to connect with either of you fellows more directly? The “What’s Your Theory?” podcast came along in my 2017 year in a series of amazing synchronicities, perhaps too many to detail here, but of which I can say that when I came across the podcast I immediately felt instant connection. I’ve been exploring Integral Theory for the past year and a half or so, firstly beginning with conversations with UK friends about their experiences with Brexit events (everything from terrible doom and gloom to spirited words of enthusiastic vitriol), and secondly in light of the Trump election (with nearly identical spectrum of things similar to the Brexit outcome), not to mention my sudden awareness with what is also happening here in Canada in the rising pushback against the current Trudeau-led Liberal government.

    In finding “What’s Your Theory?” in November, I dove right in and listened to the archives, and just about fell out of my chair when in the second episode the two of you had a small interlude about Jordan Peterson, of whom I’d been attending the lecture series “The Psychological Significance Of The Biblical Stories” throughout the summer and autumn. I was quite interested in hearing from each of you in that regard, so thanks for that.

    Anyway… rambling here… but, would very much like to connect more readily with you both. I’m “there” with each of you in this learning and this exploration, and would love to understand more, because I find that I have a NEED to understand more (the “How Do I Purge This Hate?” podcast is one I’ve cycled back to often).

    Thanks for all you’re doing here, Stephen and Jeff.

    Will hope to hear back from you.

    P.S.: Star Trek Continues playlist:


    1. Thanks of the great feedback, Tom! Great to know people are listening! Yes I’ve seen the ST Continues, series, and it was a lot better than I feel I had a right to expect it to be. Amazing what love for good stories drives people to create.

      I too have been getting more and more into Integral Theory as a means to understand the present maelstrom and, perhaps more importantly, seeing a path to the better future I once just assumed was coming. And having access to Jeff’s mind on semi-regular basis really helps!

      “how might I need able to connect with either of you fellows more directly?” You can find Jeff, and all of his various social media contact points at And you can find me on the website for my day job, or on twitter at @S_T_Harper.

    1. Hi Tom, sorry about that. I try to avoid posting that address because the bots get into it and make a mess. But I have put a bot proof version under the “about” tab at the top of the page. That should do the trick. Thanks!

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