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Values We Can’t Evolve Without – Part 3

Here is Part 3 of the 3 part series of conversations with Integral Theorist Jeff Salzman of the In each part, we are looking at the “gold” found in each of the 3 levels of consciousness currently fighting for control of the global steering wheel. Traditionalists, Modernists, and today, Post-Modernists.

Despite how much all three suspect and even dislike each other, there is definitely something great about each one. And each one brought developments in the way we see – even in the way we CAN see, our world.

If we are going to get to the Star Trek future and avoid the Apes future, each level has gifts we can’t afford to leave behind.

Note: Have a lot of plans for future shows coming this Spring and Summer, but in the mean time…  I’ll be gone for the next couple of weeks, traveling back to the east coast to join my brothers and sisters in helping our Mom settle into a new place. So, thanks to Jeff Salzman for fitting this conversation into his schedule sooner than expected so it could be posted before I go.

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We Choose the Moon

Today’s show is an Integral Chat with Jeff Salzman of the Daily Evolver and the second of a three part series about finding the “gold” in each of the three major levels of human consciousness (as delineated in Integral Theory).  Part 1 discussed “Traditional Values We Can’t Evolve Without” and today we highlight the optimism, self-determinism, and the courage to explore that arose with Modernism in “We choose the Moon.”

Everything is evolving. The same force that allowed physical evolution from single cells to complex organisms, from fish to mammals, is also at work in the subtle realms like consciousness and perhaps spirit (whatever those things really are).

So… Human consciousness is, and always has been, in the process of evolving.

At the heart of Integral Theory is the idea that, as human beings develop new capacities in consciousness – how we are capable of understanding the world and our place in it – we integrate all the positives of the previous levels, while discarding the negatives. So… laws and morality: Yes. Burning people at the stake for seeing things a little differently: No.

This chart breaks down the estimated timeline of how that evolution of conscious happened, how it’s happening right now, and theorizes about where it’s going.