Jeff Salzman – Something Good is Emerging

Jeff Salzman is back for another Integral Chat!

This time, we close the loop on our series on the many awesome attributes we can’t evolve without from each of the major categories of thought currently fighting it out for dominance in this Cosmic Kiddie Pool we call Planet Earth.

Today we are discussing the next level – Emergent Integral. This is the one we hope will go a long way toward the lone stated goal of this podcast – avoiding the Planet of the Apes future and steering us a little more toward Star Trek.

Not to put too much pressure on Emergent Integral, but… for real, things have been looking pretty Apie of late.

Closing the loop really means that this will be part 4 of a three part series, but that doesn’t quite sound right. So, let’s not put a label on it. It’s enough to say that the fate of the entire human race is resting on the subject of today’s podcast.

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5 thoughts on “Jeff Salzman – Something Good is Emerging

  1. One important omission in Jeff’s account is tipping point. No, the Millennials do not have go out en masse to usher in an Integral age. All stages shifts are precipitated by a small portion of the population reaching a certain level. I was part of the emergence of Green/Postmodern culture in the 60s and 70s. There were probably no more than 15-20% of the population at Green. That’s all it takes to move the whole society forward.

    1. You are definitely right about the importance of the tipping point, Stephen, and about how it works as well. We’ve mentioned it often on our series, and I’m pretty sure I brought it up here, too. (checking) Yes, about half way through (around 34-35 minute mark). I think Jeff puts the crucial number at about 10% of the population. When that many people reach a new level, then they are putting a hand on the steering wheel. That doesn’t mean full control or that the other 90% just roll over, but it does mean the new consciousness has gone from the fringes of the leading edge to really beginning to inform the society. Thanks for chiming in!

  2. You guys mention the “Parker kids” around 31:00. Could you please link what you are refering to?

  3. Love your conversations with Jeff. Your last words as this podcast faded were “Do you think we answered the question?” Umm…not quite. Very helpful theory, yes, but not enough concrete examples. How about another conversation with Jeff and perhaps a smart millennial or two and some women maybe? What are they thinking AND doing? What specific social, political, environmental, cultural manifestations reveal that something good IS emergent? As Jeff said we can’t proselytize Integral, but we can share good stories as a way to explain to others why a better (more evolved) future does seem possible. We need those beacons to steer our ship by sometimes, in the darkest nights.
    Sorry this is months late – just listened today. Thanks for your wonderful work. L.

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