Kiksuya means Remember

“Kiksuya” is Lakota for “Remember.” Episode 8 was the best episode of Westworld Season 2 so far. Maybe the best of the series as well.

Jeremy D. Johnson returns for another Deep Dive. Today we talk Shamanism, the birth of mythologies from personal experience to group recognition, when Dante met Beatrice, the decent into the underworld, Integral Yoga, and much more as we Dive Deep into episode 2.8

These Deep Dives are not Recaps and they do contain Spoilers. We talk about the philosophy, mythology, and cultural impact of stories and events that strike a chord.

Westworld is some of the smartest Sci-fi to come along in a while, and we’re doing Deep Dives for every episode of Season 2. New episodes every Tuesday! Don’t forget to subscribe (above!) and tell us what you think (below!)

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9 thoughts on “Kiksuya means Remember

  1. Hi~ Thank you! I really enjoyed this episode! My husband and I started watching the first season and hearing your shared perspectives is giving it a richer, deeper dimension. Just wanted to comment on the flies! It may be possible they are a symbolism derived from Medieval Renaissance or earlier. Check out some of the painting during that era and you will see insects played heavily in paintings and designs as a sort of psychoactive element. Found this on a website:

    “Renaissance paintings are rich in philosophical and Christian symbolism regarding insects.
    From the of time of the Roman persecution Christians used signs and symbols to secretly identify each other. The Church commissioned sacred images that acted as moral instruction to illiterate serfs who clamored for spiritual enlightenment of the holy scriptures. The religious images, carvings and stone work served as a constant reminder of the hellish suffering that awaited heretics and sinners if they strayed from Gods word and church law. Byzantine, Gothic, Northern Renaissance and Italian Renaissance paintings are rich in philosophical Christian symbolism regarding Insects.

    Most prominently featured Insects in Byzantine, Gothic and Renaissance Painting

    Cicada – symbol of prayer, sanctuary and hope

    Caterpillar – symbolize the life cycle, regeneration, rebirth

    Fly – symbol of rot, wasting away, decay, death, melancholia”

    A fly hovering over a church official or nobleman indicates disfavor with the king or corruption and dereliction of duty.

    A fly hovering over a maiden or noblewoman suggests shamelessness or a woman given to lustful actions.

    Looking forward to your next Chinwag-

    1. Wow, that’s fascinating, Julie, thanks for pointing it out. I figured – if they weren’t accidental – then it must have something to do with carrion, rot, decay, etc. But this info is very illuminating.

      I still really wonder if they are doing it on purpose or not. On the one hand, there are a lot of flies in Utah and each “take” costs money. On the other hand, “Godless” on Netflix features many scenes where bees are crawling on people’s faces which, though they look very real, are certainly SFX. So maybe somebody came up with an FX program that makes insects easy, and new shows are jumping on it.

  2. I’m only on Season 1, Episode 5 so I need to catch up with you and Jeremy! In total agreement with Jeremy on these Bodhisattva themes coursing through this show! The first line of the first episode is, “Bring her back online”. Literally, bringing her back from her death. Delores is sitting there and asked if she has ever questioned the nature of her reality to which she replies, No.
    There is a fly crawling on her face and then it crawls over her eyeball! She has no awareness to this fly, doesn’t respond to it. Yet, at the end of episode 1, she has slapped the fly from her face denoting she is waking up to something, the ugliness of the world. So the innocent waif/sleeping beauty is slowing waking up to something. After seeing the fly crawl over the eyeball I am thinking these fly placements are intentional.

    Do you think the naming of Dolores was intentional by the WW writers? As she is trying to demystify her reality we hear that embodied in her very name is:

    LORE- a body of traditions and knowledge on a subject or held by a particular group, typically passed from person to person by word of mouth.

    She is trying to demystify her reality or de-lore?

    This is what 3 episodes in one night can do to me…WW on the brain.

    1. That’s an interesting idea about her name. I think it’s DOlores on the show, but Delores is an alternate spelling too.
      Her name is really interesting and I’m surprised in retrospect that we haven’t brought this up yet. The latin root, Dolor, means pain, grief or suffering. So I would say the choice of name was no accident. “Life is Suffering.”

      Maybe in this last episode coming up we’ll get to touch on that. Another question would be, why would anyone name their child “pain.” The answer, as I’m looking it up, has to do with Spanish Catholics, which makes sense. I went to a Catholic school influenced by Spanish Catholicism – the birth place of the cult of suffering which holds that the more you suffer on earth, the better off you will be in heaven. And yes, that’s as much fun as it sounds. 😉

      1. That is a very interesting Latin root! Befitting name for her character but I’m just as bewildered as to whom would name their child “pain”. Perhaps someone who doesn’t have a Latin roots dictionary ? 🙂

        1. lol. Well, if it’s what I surmised, they definitely know their latin. They just really like suffering. Enough to name children after it, apparently.

    2. BTW, I’m really glad that you are listening, but if you are only on episode 5 of season 1, why are you listening to commentary on the next season? Aren’t we “spoiling” it for you?

  3. The commentary hasn’t ruined it for me at all. It acts as a thoughtful guidepost! I should clarify that I am watching WW from the perspective of a wanna-be screen writer. The concept of choice/conscious agent fascinates me to no end. Our breadth of choice is limited by the center of gravity color one is operating at. Seeing all the characters choices and noting thus far I haven’t seen anyone from a top tier green or higher. Except for maybe…Felix as he has shown empathy.

    Speaking of which, I have just finished 2.2. Wtf is going oooon? Didn’t see this coming at all. Did you do a podcast on the early season 2? I feel like I was thrown into the underworld and am confused.

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