Deep Dive into Westworld Season 2, Ep:10 – The Passenger

What is “The Passenger?”

It is within her…

It is within all of them…

And it is within you. There in the back. Riding along in that rickety chariot you call a body.

This is our final Deep Dive for Westworld Season 2.

We had a blast! Thanks for listening and thanks for all the great comments here and on Youtube.

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WE’LL BE BACK throughout the summer with much more. More interviews with smart people, Integral Chats with Jeff Salzman and more Deep Dives into movies and TV shows with Jeremy D. Johnson – including 2001:A Space Odyssey for the 50 the anniversary of the films release coming in July. 

We’ll see you again soon!

Deep Dives are not Recaps and they do contain Spoilers. We talk about the philosophy, mythology, and cultural impact of stories and events that strike a chord. Westworld is some of the smartest Sci-fi to come along in a while, and we’re doing Deep Dives for every episode of Season 2. New episodes every Tuesday! Don’t forget to subscribe (above!) and tell us what you think (below!)

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