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Danielle Eubank – One Artist/Five Oceans

So, I’ve promised more interviews with interesting people who are working to raise our collective level of consciousness, to add some provocative beauty to the present and provide some spiritual fuel to help us all move toward the best future we can build together… this is going to be a good one.

Ancol IX
Mozambique IX
Voyage to the Arctic
The Borobudur Ship
The Phoenicia

Danielle Eubank is an artist, world traveler and more than a little bit of an adventurer. In her early career, her time spent painting scenes of the Atlantic ocean from a fishing village in Asturias, Spain led to an invitation to serve as the Expedition Artist on aboard the Borobudur Ship –  a replica ancient Indonesian cargo vessel that rounded the Cape of Good Hope on a 10,000 mile voyage from Indonesia to Ghana, in 2003-4.  That experience cemented a commitment to paint the waters of all five of the earth’s oceans. in 2008-2010, she sailed on a replica of a 2,500-year-old Phoenician ship that circumnavigated Africa, a 20,000 mile trip originally made 500 years before the birth of Christ. Most recently (2014) sailed aboard a barquentine tall ship on an expedition to the High Arctic that took her to the northernmost human settlement on Earth. And soon, on a voyage set for early 2019 to Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, where Danielle will complete her nearly 20 year quest and her landmark series of ocean paintings, One Artist Five Oceans.

Danielle’s art is exhibited all over the world, most particularly in galleries in Los Angeles and London, the two cities she’s most often called home throughout her career. 

Full disclosure, my wife and I have called Danielle and her husband, Fletcher close friends for 20 years, some of her work graces the walls of our house, and Danielle even created an original oil painting for the cover of the deluxe paperback edition of my first novel. 

I’ll also add before we get to our talk, if you usually listen to an audio only podcast of What’s Your Theory, this is a good episode to seek out the What’s Your Theory Youtube Channel because Danielle’s art is sublime and words aren’t going to cut it.  And don’t forget to subscribe to whichever medium you are using to hear us. It’s free and it really helps us. 

Find lots more about Danielle Eubank, her art, and her One Artist/Five Oceans project @ and


And now… here’s the What’s Your Theory Interview with Danielle Eubank.