What’s Your Theory… Now?

Well, I’m back!  Sorry about the long hiatus, but you know how it is with producing free media like this… sometimes you have to back burner it. But I never stopped thinking about the show and now, “What’s Your Theory?” is back. Let’s call this Season 2.

I’m lining up some great guests for more interviews that pertain, in one way or another, to the evolution of human consciousness and the perpetual struggle to ensure a future more like Star Trek and less like Planet of the Apes and it’s shaping up to be a great summer for WYT.


Besides regular interviews with new guests, I also have an idea to add shows with some of our regular guests that will be a little bit more formatted than in the past. The idea is to have conversations on current culture (politics, film &TV, internet culture… etc) as seen through the lens of our regulars’ various specialties.  Something like… “What happened in the world this week from an Integral Theory perspective with Jeff Salzman of the DailyEvolver.com,” or in Consciousness Evolution with Jean Gebser scholar Jeremy Johnson.  So, basically, the same kind of conversations you are used to hearing with me and the WYT regulars, but on up to the minute topics, some heavy, some light, all fascinating and designed to not let the Apes win.

First up, our friend Jeff Salzman returns with an injection of wisdom to help get the show going again. This is a good one.

This week: Post-Modernism, Modernism, and Traditionalism have a hard enough time getting along as it is… How are the three dominant tiers of consciousness handling a blast from the past as President Trump injects the pre-traditional Warrior mode, dominated by fight-or-flight reactions and zero-sum politics into the modern world? Answer: Sad.

And: You say the Game of Thrones final season has bummed you out? Well, Jeff has only binge-watched through season 3… you know, when it was still all the things you loved about it. So I thought it would be fun to turn back the clock to the good days and take a look at peak GoT through Integral lenses. And you know what? I was right.

I hope you’ll stick around for a full Summer of WYT!

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