“What’s Your Theory…?” is a conversation and interview podcast featuring smart people with good answers to big questions about how the world works. Science, spirituality, politics, philosophy, physics, metaphysics, current events and culture… no topic is off limits as long as there is an interesting theory behind it. Are human beings only flesh and blood? Do we live, die… and that’s it? What is consciousness? What is the soul? How did we get here? What are we supposed to be doing while we’re here? Is life a school? A prison? A particularly awesome vacation spot? Is anybody actually driving this boat? Why can’t science and spirituality get along…?

My name is Stephen T. Harper. I am the author of the Kings X Saga, a series of novels blending contemporary fantasy and world history to imagine the single greatest conspiracy of all time – the only conspiracy – the ancient and ongoing work to prevent you from knowing who and what you truly are. A lot of research goes into writing these books – a lot of questions and then a lot of answers that often create more questions. This podcast is my chance to ask and discuss them all with very smart and interesting people.

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